Energy Policy

YIGIT AKU A.S implements an energy management system with a culture that adopts continuous development and improvement by complying with legislation and regulations in all our activities.

We declare and undertake to provide all necessary information and resources to achieve energy goals and objectives, and
Operate in compliance with the legal and other conditions governing the company's energy use, consumption, and efficiency, and
Design projects by allocating resources in projects that increase energy efficiency, and
Establish an Energy Management System organization to identify, monitor and regularly pass energy performance indicators, and
Move the company to a more global and competitive position by monitoring new technologies and renewable energy sources to increase energy performance, and
Make continuous improvements in the energy management system and energy performance system, and
Implement energy efficiency and saving measures and minimize the consumption of natural resources, and
Supply products and services with energy efficiency in purchased products and services, new investments and designs, production and all our processes, and
Control energy use by implementing energy efficiency and saving measures and setting measurable targets that are compatible with production such as “reducing energy consumption”, “reducing electricity consumption”, “reducing steam consumption”, “working hours” or “quantity of production”, and
Raise awareness of the society and our stakeholders about energy efficiency and
Increase awareness and sensitivity by ensuring that our policy is understood and adopted by all our stakeholders