Environment and OHS Policy

YIGIT AKU A.S., producing all types of lead-acid starter batteries and battery materials, takes great care to carry out all its activities in compliance with legal regulations. Management and employees acknowledge that each of the following activities is part of our Environmental and OHS Policy.

We declare and undertake to comply with all applicable environmental, occupational health and safety legislation and administrative regulations in force, and

Take measures to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution related to the wastes and emissions that will arise as a result of our production activities at the source, and

Reduce waste starting from the purchase of raw materials and resources, and sort the wastes in some way, and

Keep all our solid, liquid and gaseous wastes under control, and carry out waste disposal in accordance with the legal regulations, and

Dispose of and/or have all our non-recyclable wastes disposed of in a controlled manner, and

Collect and/or have collected the waste batteries that can be recovered through AKUDER from all our customers without harming the environment and in accordance with the APAK regulation, and deliver them to the recycling companies, and

Identify risks for environmental emergencies and make efforts to reduce them, and

Reduce the use of energy, raw materials and our natural resources as much as possible and/or use them as efficiently as possible, and

Provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment in terms of life and property in accordance with the legal regulations, and take effective measures by constantly reviewing the hazards and risks in order to prevent occupational diseases and occupational accidents that may occur due to our activities, and

Inform and guide our employees, suppliers, customers, dealers and other stakeholders with constantly up-to-date information about the environmental and occupational health and safety management systems, and raise awareness of environmental and occupational health and safety among them, and

Provide training to our employees and temporary subcontractor employees on health, safety and environment (HSE), and inform and warn guests and visitors, and

Take all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of the employees, subcontractors, visitors and company personnel working outside the workplace in the premises in accordance with the OHS legislation in force and other requirements related to OHS, and keep tools and personal protective equipment available and ensure that they are used when necessary, and

Ensure that the employees of the company act together with an effective environmental awareness as an example to others, and

Keep our environmental and occupational health and safety management systems open to public scrutiny when requested, and

Keep our environmental and occupational health and safety management systems up-to-date with regular reviews and comply with the principle of continuous improvement in all our activities.