To be a global manufacturer with Turkish capital, and a pioneer in its sector, which adds value to all its stakeholders with its social responsibility and environmental awareness, keeps innovation and competitiveness at the highest level, and offers widespread and reliable services in Türkiye and all over the world with the same quality.


Humane behavior 
Continuous improvement


To successfully advance in line with our vision by mobilizing all our opportunities for a common profit without compromising our values and quality, and by delivering its wide range of products and services to all segments of society in the fastest and most effective way with its widespread dealer network and alternative distribution channels as a constantly developing, profitable and trustworthy company.


 Not to solicit any gifts from suppliers or customers. (Valuable gifts that may be possible without the will of the employee shall be reported to the HR to be delivered to the fixture of the company within one year (within the last 12 months) over a total price of 200 USD).

Not to ask to borrow money from customers or suppliers, or make claims (including the purchase of personal food, goods or services) that may create other benefits or that are open to misunderstanding. Such claims shall not be made even if it is stated that “I will pay for it”). 

Not to risk the health and safety conditions of employees and customers.

Not to disclose the company information to the outside, not to mention or discuss the issues related to the job outside the company and not to cause any negative comments, but to represent the company in the best way at any time and anywhere.
To protect the interests of the company, and work to increase the value of the company.

To be honest, disciplined, devoted and hardworking.

Not to conflict the interests of the company or the interests of the individuals. (White-collar employees working at YIGIT AKU may not engage in private businesses that they or their close relatives own and are personally involved in.)

To pay the utmost attention to the effective and correct use of the company’s resources and to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Not to use the company’s assets and resources in line with personal interests and to prevent such use.

To comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules in relations with investors and shareholders without discrimination.
 To be sensitive to the problems of its customers and strive to establish a trust-based relationship with its customers.
 To comply with legal requirements and legislation.

 To inform its customers clearly about the rights and obligations, benefits and risks related to the products and services it offers.

 To provide a working environment for employees in accordance with occupational safety and health rules

To treat its employees fairly in matters such as training, career, recruitment and promotion, and offer equal opportunities.

 To ensure the employment of an appropriate number of employees for each job, and pay attention to acting with awareness of working hours.

 To ensure that the use of annual leave is regular, with an awareness of the importance of each employee’s annual leave usage.

 To inform its employees about the Corporate Governance Principles, ensure their adoption within the company and monitor full compliance with these principles.
 To ensure that all information provided to the public is understandable, accurate, clear, timely, and complete.

 To monitor compliance with the company’s ethical rules, and report to the competent authorities in case of non-compliance.

 Not to discriminate based on political, religious, racial, etc. and refrain from any form of discrimination.