R - D

About R&D Center

The R&D and Technology Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology has been operating within the facilities of Yigit Aku A.S. in Ankara/Sincan Organized Industrial Zone since 2011. Yigit Aku A.S. has been providing services in the field of concept development, design, and product development to the vehicle manufacturing companies in key industries and sub-industries in Türkiye for many years. In addition to the ongoing design and development activities, the process of putting new products in the sector into serial production, especially automotive products, is closely monitored. Battery design, quality, and project industrialization processes used in various industries are conducted with a 55-person R&D Center staff, each experienced in their respective fields.   

R&D Center – Organizational Structure

The R&D Center of Yigit Aku has relevant capabilities in the areas of Product Development and Simulation, Process Implementation and Method Development, Research and Project Management, Testing and Verification, Functional Tests Laboratory, Simulation Tests Laboratory, Chemical Tests Laboratory, Prototype Inspection and Analysis Workshop, Strategic Planning and Business Development Unit, Engineering Design, Two- and Three-Dimensional Modeling and Simulation, Machinery, Equipment, Mold Design and Production for Battery Production, Know-How Sales and Turnkey, Lead Acid Battery Factory Installation, and Recycling for Battery and Accumulator Technologies. 

R&D Center – Strategies

The R&D Center continues its activities in line with the following strategies.

Bringing the knowledge and experience of different sectors, especially automotive, to our company in order to develop competitive batteries in every field. 
Increasing external financing support and international cooperation in R&D through international support funds.
Increasing the dissemination of knowledge across sectors and disciplines by increasing co-design efforts and supporting multi-stakeholder R&D projects.
Implementation of projects for energy storage systems on platforms where universities, public and industry come together to increase commercialization.
Continuing development studies in line with the infrastructures that may be needed for our existing physical research infrastructure and laboratories.
Encouraging academic education and increasing the number of employees with academic titles in order to increase our academic competence in our fields of activity.
Establishing in-house training programs to train human resources in line with the R&D needs of our industry.
Increasing the employment capacity of our company’s R&D personnel.
Increasing the potential for commercialization by increasing the number and effectiveness of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.
Raising R&D and cooperation culture within the company.