For many years, Yiğit Akü has been providing R&D services, especially in concept development, design, and product development, to the main and ancillary industries producing vehicles in Turkey. Until the beginning of the year 2000, R&D activities were carried out only with limited resources within the company. With the establishment of the R&D department in Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, R&D activities were reorganized in accordance with the concept of R&D Center, and significant investments were made in this field with the expansion of the product development team in line with the modern R&D approach. Especially in the last 5 years and within the framework of the new R&D approach, important services have been provided to customers in concept development, design, continuous improvement, product development, and prototype production. In addition, as a result of demand from the after-market and market research, design and product development activities have been expanded into a wider range.

In addition to the ongoing design and development activities, closely monitoring the process of bringing new products into serial production in the sector and activities such as battery and battery design, quality, and project industrialization processes used in many business lines, especially automotive products, are also carried out by the teams established within the Company.

In addition to the concept creation, design, and product development processes carried out within the R&D Center of the Company, feedback from the after-market has also created an important area of activity for the reorganized R&D Center.

In the framework of the modern R&D approach, the strategies of the Company have been formed as follows:

Increasing external funding support through international support funds and international collaborations

Increasing design partnership (co-design) studies to increase the dissemination of knowledge across sectors and disciplines and to support multi-stakeholder R&D projects

Launching projects on energy storage systems in platforms where universities, public institutions, and industry come together to increase commercialization

Continuing development efforts for research infrastructure and laboratories in line with the infrastructure needed

Encouraging academic training and increasing the academic workforce to enhance academic competence in activity areas

Establishing in-house training programs to develop the workforce in line with the R&D needs of the sector

Increasing the employment capacity of the Company's R&D personnel

Increasing the number and quality of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights to enhance commercialization potential

Enhancing the R&D and collaboration culture within the company