Human Resources

Employee Profile

Within Yigit Aku A.S., we work with a wide range of employees with purely human-centric perspective, independent of all differentiations. 
Just as we serve the whole world, we have a unique manpower that illuminates our path since our establishment in our employee profile, which we have created with trust and a forward-looking mindset. 

Recruitment Process

Yigit Aku A.S., which continuously increases its investments, continues to contribute to employment. The way to be among the basic building blocks that carry this strong structure forward is through the following process, 

Our first meeting takes place through our application channels, which we share with their links. 


Blue Collar Job Posting
White Collar Job Posting


Introductory interviews are carried out by our relevant unit managers and human resources recruitment specialists. After the meeting, our esteemed candidate is subjected to pleasant and instructive tests in order to create a job description that will contribute to his personal and professional development, where he can work with maximum efficiency and peace within Yigit Aku. Our candidates, whose mutual expectations find results, participate in senior management interviews and a job offer is made after approval. 

Training Process

The training journey of all our colleagues in Yigit Aku A.S. starts with the orientation process and continues with the understanding of lifelong education. The training needs are determined by the surveys conducted and the feedback received every year.  
The process that supports the continuous internal education system is supported by the development of our employees with the trainers who are researched and agreed from all continents around the world. 
In our processes that adapt quickly to the digital world, we consider education as the transfer of mutual information and carry out it using all our channels. 

Yigit Aku A.S. 

• Never gives up on OHS training, or process improvements, allocating budget for occupational health and safety. 
• Has the lowest indicator of its field in terms of occupational accidents and occupational diseases. 
• Invests in people to raise new pioneers. 
• Prioritizes protecting the nature while producing with its environmentally sensitive policies. 
• Maintains the justice it has shown in recruitment with sensitivity in performance evaluation and promotions. 
• Supports being a part of development with reward suggestion systems. 
• Never compromises on social activities. 
• Keeps the satisfaction rate of employees at the maximum level in compulsory benefits such as transportation and food 
• Continues to be with its employees with social benefits. 
• Our employees feel the presence of Yigit Aku A.S. with their families on special days. 
• Supports the use of leave on all special days without any purpose.

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