What is a gel battery?
The electrolytes contained in gel batteries are not liquid, but gel-like. Gel is a chemical substance with jelly consistency.  The gel consistency in the battery is obtained by homogeneously mixing sulphuric acid and silica. The electrolyte in these batteries has gel density. Gel batteries work on the principle of O2 recombination. Gel batteries have a special valve system (VRLA). Therefore, gel batteries have a special valve system that opens only at high pressure for safety reasons and this system minimises water loss by preventing gases from escaping from the battery. There is no need for any liquid supplementation as in aqueous batteries. Thus, the efficiency and service life of the battery is preserved.

Gel batteries are in the valve regulated, maintenance-free lead acid battery group. Due to the liquid and calcium alloys of these batteries, they have very low discharge rates during periods when they are not operated. Gel batteries do not require any liquid level control or pure water addition. Gel Battery is completely maintenance free, maintenance cost is almost negligible. Due to gel technology, even if overcharging occurs, gas rise occurs in very small volumes. Therefore, they need very low level ventilation.  
It provides a definitive solution to the problem of acid throwing from the battery. It can work even if it is partially broken, it also gives excellent results in vibrating working environments. Even if it is not charged immediately, it can be completely reversed from deep discharge. It has low internal resistance.

    How did gel battery production start in Yiğit Akü?

In 2010, the first gel battery R&D studies started. Firstly, the products of the brands known in the world and producing real gel batteries were analysed. Then, the original raw material of the gel was supplied and many trials were carried out to ensure its compatibility with the plate under laboratory conditions. We are the first company to produce gel batteries in Turkey. Our first gel battery sale was sold as 500 units to the police panzers of the General Directorate of Security. Today, thousands of our gel batteries are used both at home and abroad. In the following times, by adding cranking feature to the gel battery, it has been used both in deep discharge and in areas requiring cranking feature. The fact that Yiğit Battery is an R&D centre in batteries has contributed positively to our development. Some of the brands in the market today have nothing to do with gel batteries. We see those who turn aqueous type batteries into gel and those who sell Agm batteries as gel. For this reason, the perception of gel battery in the eyes of the consumer is in a bad situation due to misguidance.

As Yiğit Akü A.Ş, we will continue to exist in the market by producing real gel batteries by walking on the right path we know.

What are the areas of use?

Gel batteries provide a wide range of use in areas where standard water batteries cannot provide the desired performance. Gel batteries, which convert electrical energy into chemical energy and store it ready for use, have high efficiency capacity and high energy potential at the same time. Thanks to its discharge feature, the gel battery, which is used for a long time, is used in many electronic devices and lighting systems. These batteries are widely preferred in telecommunication systems, defence industry, boats, caravans, ground cleaning vehicles, golf vehicles, disabled (wheeled) chairs, maritime, renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy.

What is the difference of Gel Battery from other batteries?

Gel consistency batteries are characterised as environmentally friendly because they are less likely to leak than aqueous batteries.

Compared to other batteries, gel batteries are more resistant to vibration and impact.

It has a longer life compared to lead acid type batteries. Gel batteries can be used for many years.

Easily charged and more efficient compared to other batteries

They are ready to use for a long time and their efficiency is quite high.

Thanks to the gel consistency of the electrolyte in the battery, it works with high efficiency even at the lowest or highest temperature.

The most important feature that distinguishes the gel battery from other battery types is that it offers deep discharge. Deep discharge is characterised as not damaging the chemical structure on the plates after charging the discharged battery. In this way, unlike other batteries, the service life of the gel battery does not shorten and its efficiency does not decrease after each charge.

Compared to aqueous batteries, gel batteries have a very high cycle life. Gel batteries are used extensively in many areas because they have a high cycle life.

Stratification (acid and pure water separation) occurs due to the density differences of the electrolyte in the battery during shelf storage of aqueous batteries. Since there is no liquid phase in gel batteries, this situation does not occur and has a positive effect on the service life.