EFB batteries are batteries developed for use in vehicles with Start & Stop feature. EFB type batteries are liquid lead acid batteries with electrolyte liquid lead acid batteries as in flooded type batteries. They have superior performance with their improved design compared to flooded batteries.

It is used in new generation cars with start stop technology. In these cars, the engine stops running when not needed. When you stop in heavy traffic or at a red light, maximum fuel efficiency is ensured as the engine also stops.

The biggest feature is that it can be charged quickly and has a higher cycle number and longer life compared to starter water batteries. When the vehicle stops, it allows the vehicle to start with the start-stop system without the need for alternator support. EFB Start stop batteries have extra starting power and increased charge acceptance features. Due to its fast charging feature, the battery is automatically disconnected from the alternator after it is fully charged. It is re-activated when needed after battery use. In this way, it also supports the alternator to extend its life.

It can also be used instead of standard flooded batteries. It is widely used because it is less costly compared to AGM batteries.